Invite members to a project


Invite members to a project

You can invite users in Trimble Connect for Mobile on the Team page. If the invited users already have Trimble Connect accounts, they receive an email with the project link. Otherwise they are instructed to create a new account. When the users have joined, they can access the project and the folders and the files to which they have permissions.

Invite users

  1. Go to the Team page.
  2. Tap at the bottom of the page.

    The Invite members page opens.

  3. Enter the email of the user or add users from company directory .
  4. Select Group and Role for the user.

    The role can be either Admin or User.

  5. To send the invite, tap Invite at the bottom of the page.

    The user receives an email with instructions on how to join the project.


    If the user does not have a Trimble Connect account, the user's status appears as Activation Pending until the user has an active account.

Modify project members

A project administrator can change user roles, add or remove users from groups, and remove users from a project.

  1. Go to the Team page.
  2. Select the user whose data you want to modify.
    • Change the Role.
    • Add or remove users to a user group.
    • Remove users from the project by tapping Remove user from project at the bottom of the page.

    The user appears as Removed on the Team page after the user has been removed from the project.