Manage selected objects


Manage selected objects

When you have selected objects or areas in the model, a selection context menu opens.

Use the selection context menu to change the object visibility, view properties, zoom into the selected objects, or attach files and ToDos to the selected objects.




Add a clip plane.

For more information, see Add clip planes.

Zoom into the object.

  • Tap .

    The 3D App zooms into the selected object.

Change the color and transparency of the object.

  1. Tap .

  2. Select a color in the list.

  3. Change the transparency percentage.

    The changes are applied automatically.

Make the object invisible.

  • Tap .

    The object changes into invisible.

Add an attachment to the object.

  1. Tap .

  2. Select the link type.

    You can add attachments from your device or from the project files, or add a link URL.

  3. Enter the needed information, such as Name.

  4. Tap Save .

Hide the object.

  • Tap .

    The object is hidden from the model.

Base elevation.

  1. Tap .

    The Base Elevation message shows the measurements of base elevation.

  2. To close the message, tap Ok.

Measure elevation against base elevation.

  1. Tap .

    The Elevation message shows the elevation measured from base elevation.

  2. To close the message, tap Ok.

Set the view perpendicular to the selected surface.

  • Tap .

    The view changes into a perpendicular view.