Create views


Create views

A view is a snapshot of a specific situation in the 3D view. Views keep the view settings that were used when the view was saved. For example, object colors, markups, and camera angle are stored.

Create a new view

  1. Open a model in the 3D App.
  2. Navigate the model and add markups or clip panes, if needed.

    For more information, see Add clip planes and Work with 3D models.

  3. Tap on the toolbar.
  4. Type in the needed information, such as name.
  5. Tap Save .

Manage the views

You can see the list of all the views in the project on the Views page in Trimble Connect for Mobile.

  • Go to the Views page.

    • To sort the views by name, description, or modification date, tap .
    • To sync the views to and from Trimble Connect for Browser and Trimble Connect for Windows, swipe down on the Views page.

    • To delete views, select the view and tap Delete .

Create a new view group

You can group views together into a group to access relevant views in the same place.

  1. Go to the Views page.
  2. Tap .

    The View Group page opens.

  3. Type in the group name.
  4. Select the views you want to add in the group by tapping each of the views.

    To deselect a view, tap the X button on the right side of the view name.

  5. Tap Save .