Download files


Download files

Before you can view models with Trimble Connect for Mobile, download the model files onto your device first. The file status shows which files are downloaded, see below The file status.

  1. Log into Trimble Connect for Mobile.
  2. Open your project from the project list on the opening page.

    The Data page lists all files and folders in the project.

    Files that have not been downloaded to your device have the status.

  3. On the Data page, select the file you want to download.

    A toolbar opens at the bottom.

  4. On the toolbar, tap Download.

    To automatically download and to view the file, tap on the toolbar.

When the download is complete, the Download complete message opens with status on the file.

You can delete the downloaded files from the device storage by selecting the files and tapping . This does not remove the files from the project.

The file status

On the Data page, you can see the status of the files and folders:

  • :

    Not downloaded from the server.

  • :

    Synchronized with the server.

  • :

    Local copy of the file available, but it is not synchronized with the file on the server.

  • :

    Downloading the file has failed.

File processing

When a 3D model file is uploaded to Trimble Connect, the model file goes through an assimilation process to be loaded to the 3D App. This process may take a few minutes to complete.

While the file is being processed, you cannot view the file. During the assimilation, the file status is Viewer data processing.

When the process is complete, you can view the model in the 3D App.

If your file is not displayed

There are a few reasons why your file may not be displayed in the 3D App. Some of the reasons may be caused by incompatible files or issues with the Trimble Connect server.

  • Processing failed:

    Processing files may have failed due to an internal server issue. If the file fails to pass assimilation, contact Trimble Connect Support.

  • Unsupported format:

    • You may have uploaded a file that is not supported by Trimble Connect. See the list of supported file formats to check the list of supported formats.

    • Some files require you to use an add-in or a plug-in of the original authoring tool, such as Trimble Connect for Revit add-in.