Trimble Connect Web 2.85.1 Release Notes

Stories & Improvements

Connect Web has a new UI for Navigation, Project header and Filters. The new navigation panel makes it easier to work efficiently with less need to scroll.

UI improvements


Connect for Browser is now enhanced with responsiveness to a greater degree than earlier versions. This will improve the user experience on Mobile devices.




It is now possible to toggle between the projects from the top header - regardless of where you are in a project. 

  1. This simplifies the user workflow since you will not have to go back to the projects list screen.

  2. It is also possible to search for projects from the top header.


Change project and search


Bug fixes:

  • Issue with Dutch Translations for ToDo Types 

  • Unable to submit profile with Denmark as country 

  • File metadata / Template Editor issue fixes

  • View Assignment Finnish Translation issue