Manage Trimble Connect licenses


Manage Trimble Connect licenses

With one license, you have access to full Trimble Connect functionality and Tekla Structures Workflow Tools. See the phases of managing licenses.

  1. After purchasing your license, you receive an entitlement letter by email.

    Now you have access to Tekla Online Admin tool that allows you to manage your organization's users access rights to Tekla Online services.

  2. Invite users to your Tekla Online services organization to grant them Trimble Connect licenses. For more information about inviting users, see Trimble Identity FAQ.

    When you assign a license to a user, the number of available licenses decreases. If you run out of licenses, you can re-assign license from one user to another. The user needs to be an employee or an external user in a Tekla Online organization.

    If needed, you can remove the Trimble Connect license from any of the Tekla Online services organization members.

For more information about managing licenses in Tekla Online Admin Tool, see Manage Trimble Identities and Tekla Online licenses.