Track project history and restore data


Track project history and restore data

The Activity page in Trimble Connect for Browser is a summary of all events connected to a project.

Each activity includes the user's avatar, name, the groups they belong to, and the time stamp of the activity. The Activity page shows the activity regarding file synchronization, downloads, user actions, messages, comments and releases. Activities can be filtered using the filters at the top of the page.

Parent topic: Manage projects

View activities

  1. Go to the Activity page.
  2. Filter activities by:
    • Date: Filter activities by a range of specific dates or by selecting one of the predefined options.
    • Type: Filter activities by the type of the action.
    • Groups: Filter activities related to a specific group.
    • Users: Filter activities related to specific users.

Export activities

  1. Go to the Activity page.
  2. Click the More button at the top of the right side.
  3. Select Export to Excel to export project activities.

    A Export activities to Excel dialog box opens.

    When the exported Excel file is ready to be downloaded, Trimble Connect sends you a download link in an email. The link is valid for 72 hours.

  4. To close the dialog box, click Close.

Restore files and folders

Trimble Connect allows project administrators to restore deleted project data.

When a file or folder has been deleted, an activity is shown for this action in the Activity page.

  1. Go to the Activity page.
  2. In the activites list, find the activity with the deleted file or folder.
  3. Click the Restore button.

    The Restore button is visible only for the project administrators.

    If you are restoring a folder, the Restore files & folders dialog box opens.

  4. Select to restore the folder with original permissions or with permissions from the root folder.
  5. Click Restore.

After the file or folder is recovered, the button text changes to Restored. The restoration is shown as an activity on the Activity page.