Add markups


Add markups

Use markups to highlight objects and parts in the model. You can also add text to comment on the markups.

  1. Open a model in the 3D App.
  2. Click the Add markup button on the toolbar.

    The markup toolbar opens.

  3. Select the markup color in the list.
  4. Select the markup type: Cloud, Arrow, Line, or Text markup, or Draw a markup.
  5. Click on the part in the model where you want to place the markup.
  6. If you have an Arrow, Line, or Text markup, click on the start point and then a second point.
    You can add different types of markups to the same place.
  7. Click Done.

The markup is added to the model. It is visible to all the users in the project.

Delete markups

  1. Click the markup to select it.

    The markup changes color to yellow when it is selected.

  2. Click .