Add clip planes


Add clip planes

A clip plane is a useful tool when you need to create a cross sectional view of a model. Once the desired cross section has been created, it can be saved as a view or a ToDo and shared with various team members.

  1. Open a model in the 3D App.
  2. Click the Add clip plane button .

    You can create clip planes both vertically and horizontally.

  3. Place the clip plane along the axis that you want to use to slice the model, horizontally or vertically.

  4. Click to select the plane.

  5. Click and hold down the Clip pane icon to drag the clip pane across the model to create the cross-sectional view.

  6. Release the clip pane.
  7. Selec the Add clip pane tool again and repeat the process.

    If necessary, you can make up to 8 cross-sectional views.