Folder permissions


Folder permissions

Multiple user groups can work on one project in Trimble Connect for Browser. With folder permissions, visibility of folders can be restricted based on user groups or individual user accounts.

There are three types of permissions:

  • Full access
  • Read only access
  • No access

Only project administrators can change folder permissions.

Change the folder permissions

  1. Go to the Explorer page.
  2. Select a folder.
  3. Click the More button .
  4. Select Folder Permissions.

    Alternatively, click the Permissions button on the bottom of the Details pane on the right side.

  5. Set folder access to all users, user groups or specific users by selecting Full Access, Read Only Access, or No Access.
  6. Click Submit.

Restrict root folder permissions

Project administrators can restrict uploading files or creating new folders directly under the root folder.

  1. On the left, select the folder structure next to the Explorer.
  2. Click the More button next to the root folder.
  3. Select Folder permissions .
  4. Specify folder access to groups or users by selecting Full Access or Read Only Access.
  5. Click Submit.

View folder permissions

  1. Go to the Explorer page.
  2. Select a folder.

    The Details pane opens on the right side.

  3. At the bottom of the Details pane, you can view the folder permissions.