Manage models, ToDos, and views


Manage models, ToDos, and views

You can manage the models, ToDos, and views from the 3D App.

By default the list of Models is open in the 3D App.

To close and open a list, click the buttons on the left side.

Manage models

Load models to the 3D App

  1. Click the Models button on the left.

  2. To convert the file into 3D format, click Load the model on the left of the model name.

    After the model has been loaded, the button changes to and the file can be viewed in the 3D App.

Management of models

  • Sort files by name or modification date.

  • Search for models in the project.

  • For loaded models: Fit the model into view, see model information, and position the model.

Manage ToDos

Management of Todos

Click the ToDos button on the left to open the list of ToDos.

  • Sort Todos by name, modification date, creation date, or priority.

  • Search for Todos in the project.

  • Add a new ToDo .

  • Admins can edit or delete ToDos.

Manage views

Management of views

Click the Views button on the left to open the list of views.

  • Sort views by name, modification date, or creation date.

  • Search for views in the project.

  • Add views and view groups .

  • Admins can edit and delete views and view groups.