Manage selected objects


Manage selected objects

When you have selected objects or areas with selection tools, a selection context menu opens.

Use this context menu to change the object visibility, view properties, zoom into the selected objects, or attach files and ToDos to the selected objects.

Change object visibility

Change the visibility of the selected objects or areas.

Do any of the following:

  • To hide the selected objects, click the Hide selection button .

  • To hide all other objects other than the selected, click the Show only selected objects button .

View object properties

You can see object properties by clicking the View property panel button.

  1. Click the View property panel button .
    The property panel opens on the right side.
  2. Use the lists to view specific properties of the object.


Zoom into the selected objects or areas

  • Click the Zoom to selection button .

The 3D App zooms in to the selected object.

Attach files or ToDos

Attach outside files, URLs, or ToDos to the selected objects or areas.

  1. Click on the Add attachments button .
  2. Select to add ToDo, File, or URL.

    A new dialog box opens on the right.

  3. Type in the needed information.
  4. Click Save.