Create views


Create views

A view is a snapshot of a specific situation in the 3D view. Views keep the view settings that were used when the view was saved. For example, object colors, markups, and camera angle are stored.

Create a view

  1. Open a model in the 3D App.
  2. Navigate the model and add markups or clip panes, if needed.

    For more information, see Add markups and Add clip planes.

  3. Once you have the view you want, click Add views on the toolbar.

    The New view dialog box opens.

  4. Type in the needed information, such as Name and Description.
  5. Click Save.

Open views

All views that you have created, or that have been shared with you, are on the list of Views in the 3D App.

Project administrators can view all views that are associated with a project in the Views page in Trimble Connect for Browser.

  1. Open a model in the 3D App.
  2. To open the list of View, click on the left.

Create a ToDo from a view

You can create a ToDo, and this way, save a view of the model. This allows you to assign a view to an individual user as a ToDo.
  1. When you have found an issue in the model, click the Add ToDo button on the toolbar.

    The New ToDo dialog box opens.

  2. Enter the needed information, such as the Description, Priority, and Due Date.
  3. Assign the ToDo to a user or to a user group.
  4. Click Save.