User roles


User roles

Certain actions are limited in Trimble Connect based on the user role. The two user roles in Trimble Connect are user and administrator.

  • User

    • A user can invite anyone to a project and provide user access to the project.

    • A user has access to all folders and files of the project unless the access is restricted by the administrator.

  • Administrator

    • An administrator can invite anyone to the project and provide administrator access to the project.

    • An administrator can create/edit/delete user groups. An administrator can also assign a user group to a user while inviting them.

    • An administrator can set folder permissions for any user, however folder permissions do not apply to administrators because they have full access.

    • An administrator can remove any user and edit user roles.


    Project administrator is not automatically a company administrator. For more information, see Account administration.

Change user roles

User roles assigned at invitation can be changed after users have been added.

  1. Go to the Team page.

  2. Select the user whose data you want to modify.

    User details pane opens on the right side.

  3. Change the role from the Role list.

    The role is changed automatically.