View 2D files and 3D models


View 2D files and 3D models

With Trimble Connect for Browser you can view both 2D files and 3D models directly on your browser.

Load a model into the 3D App

  1. Go to the Explorer page.
  2. Select a 3D file by selecting the check box on the left side of the file name.

    When you have selected a file, you can see a preview of the file in the Details pane on the right-side.

  3. To view the file, click the View button or the model thumbnail in the Details pane on the right-side.

    Alternatively, click the file name to load the model into the 3D App.

Load multiple models

You can view multiple 3D models at the same time in the 3D App.
  1. Go to the Explorer page.
  2. Select multiple 3D files.
  3. Click the View button to open the models in the 3D App.

Align the 3D models

The 3D App uses the point of origin from the most common 3D authoring tools. Some models may have different coordinates, such as Revit's Shared Coordinates, and need to be aligned when uploaded to Trimble Connect for Browser.

  1. Open a model in the 3D App.
  2. From the left, open the list of Models by clicking the Models button .
  3. Click the More button on the right side of the model.
  4. Select Position settings.

    The Model position dialog box opens.

  5. Adjust Positioning and Rotation.
  6. Move the model in the coordinate system .
  7. Click Save.

View SketchUp files

You can view SketchUp files in the My SketchUp web viewer. All the SketchUp files on the project have a SketchUp button.

  1. Go to the Eplorer page.
  2. Select the file that you want to view.

    A Details pane opens on the right side.

  3. Click the SketchUp button to launch the My SketchUp web viewer in another window.