Work with the Trimble Connect workflow extensions


Work with the Trimble Connect workflow extensions

The Trimble Connect workflow extensions allow you to link data to the 3D models, so that you can access the data directly from the 3D viewer by clicking objects. This simplifies processes such as material management, quality assurance, and project planning.

Access to Trimble Connect workflow extensions

Only users with a Trimble Connect Business Premium subscription can create and edit data with the Trimble Connect workflow extensions, such as Organizer groups, property sets, or property libraries. Users with other license subscriptions have a read-only access to the data created with the workflow extensions. This means that the users can view, but not edit, the data.

For more information, see the following table.


User with a Business Premium license

User with a Business or Personal (free) license

Create and modify my company's Organizer groups

Link objects to my company's Organizer group

View Organizer groups created by all users in the project

Note that project administrators with Trimble Connect Business Premium licenses can manage other users' access rights to property set libraries and property sets on a user group level. For detailed instructions, see Manage access rights to Trimble Connect workflow extensions.