Trimble Connect has now been added to Tekla User Assistance:

All traffic from will be directed Tekla User Assistance on week 44.


On November 1st (01-Nov-2021) the Connect for Windows application version will be force updated to the latest version. Learn more about the update here.


Manage Trimble Connect licenses


Manage Trimble Connect licenses

With one license, you have access to full Trimble Connect functionality and Tekla Structures Workflow Tools.

  1. After purchasing your license, you receive an entitlement letter by email.

    The email will ask you to activate your account and complete your account setup.

  2. Once you have signed in to Trimble Connect, you can use the Account Management dashboard to:
    • View and manage all licenses created under your account.

    • View and export a list of all users and projects under your account.

If you are managing licenses with Tekla Online Admin Tool, see Manage Trimble Identities and Tekla Online licenses.