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On November 1st (01-Nov-2021) the Connect for Windows application version will be force updated to the latest version. Learn more about the update here.


Install Trimble Connect for Windows


Install Trimble Connect for Windows

Administrators can distribute and install Trimble Connect for Windows for all users in a centralized way.


The Trimble Connect for Windows installer requires administrative rights. Trimble Connect for Windows is meant to be installed to all user computers at one go, and per-user installation is not allowed.

If you use the Command Prompt to set ALLUSERS="" in order to only install Trimble Connect for Windows for one computer, the installer will override the setting and set it to ALLUSERS=1.

  1. Go to the Trimble Connect website and download the latest version of the Trimble Connect for Windows installer.
  2. Prepare the installer for installation.

    In some cases, Windows may block the downloaded installer and prevent its execution. This can occur with different Windows versions. You can unblock the installer and make it executable. In any case, you should check that the digital signature of the installer is valid. You can check this on the Digital Signatures tab of the installer properties dialog box.

  3. Install the prerequisites and the administrative installer.

    To run Trimble Connect for Windows you need to install all the required prerequisite software components. The prerequisites are independent of each other and you can install them in any order.

    In addition, Trimble Connect for Windows requires the .NET Framework 4.6.2 to run. The Trimble Connect for Windows installer contains the .NET Framework installer but we recommend not using it. Consult Microsoft .NET documentation for recommended practices on how to use administrative installations of .NET Framework 4.6.2.

    To install the required prerequisite software components and the installer:

    1. Open Command Prompt.
    2. In Command Prompt, go to the folder that contains the installer.
    3. To install the prerequisite components, enter <installer_name> /a<folder_name>.

      Do not add space between /a and the folder name. If the folder name contains spaces, enter the folder name inside quotation marks.

      For example, to install the 64-bit version prerequisites to the D:\trimbleconnect prerequisites folder, enter:

      TrimbleConnect_1.0-x64.exe /a"D:\trimbleconnect prerequisites"

      Next the administrative installer will be installed.

    4. In the installation wizard, select the folder where you want to install the administrative installer.
    5. Click OK.

      When the installation is finished, you have the prerequisites and the administrative installer ready to be distributed.

  4. Distribute and install Trimble Connect for Windows onto the target computers.

    When you have installed the prerequisites and the administrative installer, you can distribute and install Trimble Connect for Windows onto users. The installation process is not instructed in a detailed level because the process depends on the tools and the environment used in the distribution.

  5. Ensure that Trimble Connect users create a Trimble Identity user account.
  6. Check for updates on the Trimble Connect website.

You can use the Trimble Connect for Windows API to develop additional applications. Find the Trimble Connect for Windows API developer guide in the installation folder under API Documentation. The default installation folder is C:\Program Files\Trimble\Trimble Connect\API Documentation.

Start Trimble Connect for Windows using an url

Trimble Connect for Windows can also be started using a url either in the Command Prompt, or using an internet browser if needed. Use the following supported url:

"trimbleconnect:/projects/[project-id]?show=[view parameter],[panel parameter]"

Supported view parameters: projects, data, 3d (default is data)

Supported panel parameters: clashes, models, objects, todos, views (default is models). These parameters are case insensitive.



where, at start, Trimble Connect would open the project rQR1yhTGj9I in a 3D model view, with the ToDos side pane shown instead of the Models side pane.