Create a project


Create a project

You can work on a new Trimble Connect project locally, or you can upload it to the cloud. Once you have created a new project, you can upload the necessary 2D and 3D files to the project, and add users to the project.

  • Invite users to a project
    You can invite new users to join a project at any point. Do the following:
  • View all project activity
    You can click the Activity tab in the project detail view to see all actions made since the project was created. For example, you can see when files have been attached or removed, or when users have been invited or have joined the project.
  • Delete a project
    You can delete Trimble Connect projects either on your local computer, or on your local computer and the cloud. If you delete a project locally, the project is only removed from your computer. However, if you delete a project both locally and from the cloud, the project will be deleted permanently for all users.

Create a new project

  1. After starting Trimble Connect for Windows, click New Project in the upper-left corner of the Trimble Connect window.

  2. Type a name for the project and select the project server location.
  3. If you have multiple licenses, select the correct license in the License list.
  4. According to your needs, do either of the following:
    • To upload the project automatically to the server, clear the Do not publish check box.

      The project is only visible to you until you invite more users to the project.

    • To prevent uploading the project automatically to the server, select the Do not publish check box.

      You can later upload the project to the server by clicking Publish under the project thumbnail.

  5. Click Create project.

The project detail view opens.

Next, you need to upload models and files in the project detail view and invite users to the project.

Project statuses

In the project detail view, each project is marked by a different icon according to its status. See all the statuses below.


The project is available both locally and on the server.

The project exists only locally and has not yet been uploaded to the server.

To upload the project on the server, click .

The project exists only on the server.

To download the project onto your device, click .

Trimble Connect for Windows is in offline mode. All changes are synchronized when the Internet connection is available again.

Filter, sort, and search projects

The projects that are shown on the start page of Trimble Connect for Windows depend on the selected project server location. You can sort projects based on different criteria, search for a particular project, or change how projects are shown.

On the start page of Trimble Connect for Windows, do any of the following:


Do this

Filter projects based on the project server location

  • Select a server location in the Project Server Location list.

Search for a project

  • Type the project name or a part of it in the Search box.

Sort projects

You can sort projects by:
  • Name

  • The date on which the projects were last modified

  • The date on which the projects were last visited

  • Whether the projects are only saved on the local computer or on the server

  • Whether the projects are starred or unstarred

  • Select a sorting option in the Sort by list.

    If you want to reverse the sorting order, select the same sorting option again.

Change the view option

  • Do either of the following:

    • To view the projects as tiles, click .

    • To view the projects as a list, click .