Invite users to a project


Invite users to a project

You can invite new users to join a project at any point. Do the following:

  1. On the Trimble Connect for Windows start page, click at the lower-right corner of a project.
  2. Select Invite users.
  3. In the Invite users dialog box, type the email addresses of the users that you want to add.

    Use semicolon (;) or comma (,) as a separator when you are adding several email addresses.

  4. In the Group list, select the user group to which you want to add the user.

    Selecting groups for new users is optional.

  5. In the Role list, select a role for the new user.

    The role can be either Admin or User.

  6. To send the invite, click OK.

The added users receive emails with instructions on how to join the project.

If the users do not have Trimble Connect accounts, the users' statuses appear as Activation Pending until they have an active account.


If you need to re-send an activation email or change the project members, click Team in the upper-right corner of the Trimble Connect for Windows window. Doing this opens the Team page in Trimble Connect for Browser. For further information, see the Trimble Connect for Browser user guide.

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