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Use the Status Sharing tool


Use the Status Sharing tool

With the Status Sharing tool you can set, view and change statuses of your model objects. Status of an object can be, for example, a manufacturing status or an erection status.

Prerequisites and installation

Prerequisites for Status Sharing installation:

  • latest version Trimble Connect for Windows installed
  • access to Trimble Connect (
  • an uploaded model from authoring software producing IFC

You can find the Status Sharing tool in Tekla Warehouse. Download, install and follow the instructions to get the Status Sharing tool on your computer.

Create an action and assign statuses

  1. Open the Status Sharing tool on top of the model in Trimble Connect for Windows 3D model view:

  2. To create actions, click No available actions - create the first one.

    1. Name the action.

      For example, create an action called Detailing.

    2. Select which action values you want to use.

    3. Select if you want the action to be private or public.

      Private actions are only visible to you, whereas public actions are visible for others in the Trimble Connect project.

    For example, if you have only allowed values Started, Paused, and Completed, the Status Sharing tool looks like this:

  3. To assign statuses, select objects in the 3D model view and click the applicable statuses in the Status Sharing tool.

    In this example, three different concrete slabs are selected and are given different statuses:

Change statuses

  1. Select the objects whose status you want to change in Trimble Connect for Windows.

  2. Click the new status in the Status Sharing tool.

Timeline and multiple actions

You can create and visualize multiple actions at the same time. The timeline visualizes the progress of the time.

More information

For more information, see the Status Sharing tutorial video.