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Work with 3D models


Work with 3D models

You can perform several different tasks while working in the 3D model view. For example, you can measure distances between objects, and add ToDos and markups.

  • Navigate 3D models
    You can use the navigation circle in Trimble Connect for Windows to navigate the 3D model in different ways.
  • Select objects
    There are several modes that you can use to select objects in the 3D model view. These include a single selection mode, an area selection mode, and an assembly selection mode.
  • Adjust the 3D model view
    When you are working in Trimble Connect for Windows, you can adjust how 3D models are shown. You can either fit models or objects to the 3D model view, change the perspective of the 3D model view, or reset all selections, markups, clip planes and measurements in the 3D model view.
  • Export the 3D model as a TrimBIM model
    You can export your 3D model to TrimBIM with its current visibility and representation settings. Note that custom colors are not exported.
  • Save and manage model views
    You can save model views, or snapshots of the 3D model view, and manage them in several ways using the Views list. For example, you can create a slide show based on the existing model views, save model views on your computer as images, and set a model view as the project thumbnail.
  • Manage sequences
    Sequences are walk throughs of the steps that are involved in the construction of 3D models. Creating sequences can be useful for verification and construction of large models that consist of several smaller models.
  • Measure distances between objects
    You can use the measuring commands in Trimble Connect for Windows to measure distances between points in the 3D model view. You can measure the distance between two points, or the shortest vertical or horizontal distance from a point, face, or edge to another object.
  • Add and manage clip planes
    Use clip planes to create cross-sectional views of 3D models. You can create clip planes both vertically and horizontally. Once the desired cross section has been created, it can be saved as a view or a ToDo and shared with various team members.
  • Add markups
    Use markups to highlight objects and parts in the 3D model view. You can also add text to comment on the markups.
  • Create and track tasks with ToDos
    The ToDos list displays the ToDo notes added to the project. You can add ToDo notes and reply to notes of the other project members. The ToDo notes are shared to all project members by default, but you can select a user or a user group who to assign the ToDo with a due date when it needs to be resolved.
  • Detect clashes
    A clash is a structural conflict within a 3D model. Clash reports provide detailed views of the clashes in the 3D model, showing a clearance as a positive measurement and a clash as a negative measurement.
  • Attach and manage point clouds
    Point clouds are groups of measured points on the surfaces of objects created with 3D laser scanners. You can attach point clouds to your project in the 3D model view. After adding a point cloud, you can adjust its appearance according to your needs.
  • Working in offline mode
    When you are not connected to internet, Trimble Connect for Windows automatically switches to offline mode.