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Trimble Connect for Windows 1.10 Release Notes

Support for Windows 7 has ended


Microsoft has ended technical support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020 (link to Microsoft support article). According to the article, Windows 7 PCs may become vulnerable to security risks and they should be updated to Windows 10. This means that we cannot guarantee that new Trimble Connect for Windows application versions continue to run on Windows 7 systems. 

New Features

Local folder permissions


The explorer panel now reflects the folder permissions that have been set in the Connect for Browser user interface. For example, if the user has read-only access to a certain folder, then that folder will be shown as grey and files cannot be added to it. In earlier Connect for Windows versions, the user was able to add files to local read-only folders but the files were not synchronized with the online cloud project.


Note: There is a known limitation: If the read-only access is given for the root folder in Connect for Browser user interface, then the permission is not yet shown in the local Connect for Windows explorer. This means that the user is still able to add files locally, but the changes won’t be synchronized to the cloud. This is an inconvenience that will be fixed in a later version.


Fixes and improvements

  • There is now a more informative dialog to guide how to use the application in offline mode:
  • Single Point Measurements are shown in loaded views now (Note: Single point measurements are created in the browser Connect 3D Viewer)
  • Account Management: The create a new project dialog shows more detailed information of the account and license that will be used for creating the project:
  • Personal (free) users are now informed of a limited time full access when opening a Business or Business Premium project:
  • Clicking the eye icon of a displayed model in the Models panel now unloads a model instead of hiding it. Unloading improves performance when working with multiple large models and not all of them are needed visible at the same time. Note that in the Objects panel the eye icon still only hides the model
  • There is a new button added to the ToDos panel which updates the embedded view with one click. The button is visible when the ToDo is being edited:
  • 2D view attachments in ToDos are now listed. Clicking a 2D view attachment will launch the Connect for Browser 2D viewer
  • User is now allowed to change the licence associated to the project if the project synchronization to the cloud fails
  • Fixed an issue where the orbit panning mode was not working when all visible models were hidden and the ghost mode was turned on
  • Using the "Show only selected" feature now hides also the object link icons
  • Fixed an issue where loading .e57 point clouds failed in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the grid toolbar button state wasn’t correct after loading a view
  • Fixed an issue with the assembly selection mode: selecting an assembly now updates the object details panel correctly
  • Fixed an issue where a view could not be synchronized if it contained deleted models
  • Fixed an issue where the application crashed when opening a project with specific regional settings
  • Trimble.Connect.Desktop.API: Improved performance of AttributeManager.GetAttributeAsync
  • Updated IFC importer plugin to v.5.51
    • Adds support for IFC property values longer than 255 characters
  • Updated DWG importer plugin to v.1.50
    • Enhancement: Export Connect Annotation related data in AcDbDictionary as properties bound to the relative objects.
  • Updated LandXML importer plugin to v.1.21
    • Enhancement: Now a single Alignment may have several ProfAlign elements attached to it. In that case, a unique drawable alignment line for each ProfAlign,CoordGeom pair is created
  • Updated SketchUp importer plugin to v.1.66
    • Adds support for layers, fixes transformation related bug in groupings
  • Updated Revit importer plugin BETA to v.1.31
    • Bug fix: Revit file uploaded with a PUBLISHED view didn’t show correctly in 3D Viewer